Planning A Video

When Considering Making a Video Production

When possible plan on making the appointment about 5 weeks before your “need date”.

If you decide that you would like your DVD to have chapters at certain points please plan for this. Decide at what place in the photos you want the chapters to be placed.

At your appointment we have allowed up to an hour to discuss what photos, video, songs, etc you want in your project.

You can add narration (voice-over) for part of the audio. You will need to research the dates, places and names of the people you wish to highlight. We will have to schedule a separate recording session for the voice-over.

For your appointment be prepared with songs and your pictures numbered and in order.  Check out the Video Tips category under the Services tab for suggestions on putting your memories in order.  Please call with any questions beforehand.  A 30% deposit of the total video production cost will be expected at the time of the appointment.